About Me

Hi–I’m Sam and I’m a Mechanical Engineer. I started ratepayerunited.org to help you find the best generator for your needs. I have filtered them based on speed, budget, accuracy, capacity, quiet and much more.

I’m been working in the mining industry for years and I got involved with various amounts of generators. Literally every project I worked at had to use a generator and it was a big deal for us that this generator was adequate enough for the task.

And usually, when something happens with the generators I take all the blame :D. That is why I had to make sure every time we rent out a generator or buy one for the project I had sure of every function of it works perfectly. I got to know the most powerful generators inside out.

I honestly dealt with tons of trouble with generators during my 10 years involvement in the industry.

Thus, I thought to share my knowledge for the public and seek to give better insights that the usual ones.

I hope this website helps you to find what you are searching for. I made sure that most info I add about any generator is accurate as possible. If it’s not please do contact me and point it out. I would much appreciate that. 🙂